Letters to the Editor

Citizens' Climate Lobby and Earth Day

Earth Day provides a great opportunity to learn about environmental issues, celebrate eco-champions and recommit to addressing the challenges confronting us.

This year the problems seem overwhelming: a record-breaking drought, polluted air and the mounting evidence that we are altering our climate. How can we feel hopeful in the face of such bad news?

I and many others are inspired by the profoundly hopeful message of Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL). This nonpartisan organization is generating the political will to restore a more predictable climate and livable world.

CCL proposes that carbon polluters pay a steadily increasing price for the dirty, heat-trapping gases they are dumping into the air. The collected revenue would be paid to U.S. households, which would boost consumer spending. A border tariff would prompt other countries to follow our lead. Research shows that this plan would boost the gross domestic product, create jobs, save lives and significantly reduce carbon emissions.

CCL Fresno will be at Fresno State’s Earth Day Fair Wednesday and Earth Day Fresno in Radio Park Saturday. Come learn more about our message of hope for Earth Day!

Connie Young