Letters to the Editor

Already undoing General Plan

Our city is in poor health because our leaders either don’t have a plan, or won’t follow one.

A recent story in The Bee outlined many factors — terrible air quality, sprawl, etc. — that have led Fresno to the bottom of many lists when it comes to the health. What is a lead contributor to these factors? Decades of reckless and irresponsible growth.

In December, Fresno City Council passed a General Plan that had great potential. But we—in partnership with Fresno Building Healthy Communities — have seen troubling signs that our leaders are attempting to undermine the plan.

The General Plan was supposed to protect farmland. Yet, the council turned its back on $100,000 that would have been used to develop a farmland preservation program.

The General Plan was supposed to keep industrial facilities out of west Fresno neighborhoods. This area is already overburdened with toxic facilities and heavy commercial enterprises, but just recently the city was going to consider rezoning an area that would have allowed more unhealthy development.

We want one healthy Fresno. Our leaders seem to want a city that suffers from their poor decisions.

David Bouttavong