Letters to the Editor

Same old Clinton

It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, independent; or if you are liberal, conservative, radical or just disinterested. Hillary Clinton’s reinvention should anger you. All the new packaging is a blatant manipulation of a too-fawning media in an attempt to game voters. The only reason I can imagine to vote for her would be to elect the first woman president. That inadequate and inappropriate (dare I say sexist?) qualification cannot trump a political lifetime of failures, cover-ups, questionable, if not illegal, acts and downright lies — thus her need for regular reinventions. Even a hint of any of these would disqualify any Republican or conservative candidate.

Hillary Clinton has a record and she will only be elected if she gets away with yet another reinvention to sell us the same bottle of snake oil. The contrived and tightly controlled roll-out of the “new Hillary” screams, “I am not real!” Yet she proceeds, confident the media will not endanger her coronation by forcing her to answer many important questions.

Mike Repucci