Letters to the Editor

It’s about self interest

The editorial “Southern California shows how to save water” (April 12) was timely and informative.

Many observers are not aware that Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Metropolitan Water District and San Diego Water Authority and others only started conservation efforts when Colorado River water supplies were projected to be nonexistent or at a minimum, uncertain in the future.

Since 2004 the Colorado River Basin, not the river, has lost 53 million acre-feet of water of which 75% is groundwater. Some believe that the river/basin is not just overused, but is in a death spiral.

Detractors of the mentioned water districts believe it is disingenuous for them claim to be leaders in water conversation due to the drought. Their efforts started many years before this drought and while necessary, welcomed and leading, were the result of losing Colorado River water — not the California drought.

We need to take their public relations spin with a grain of dust like Owens Valley has. As with most water organizations, they exist to serve their interests and not necessarily those of greater California and most certainly not the San Joaquin Valley.

Thomas Reddin