Letters to the Editor

‘No mercy for killers!’

It always amazes me when a liberal says the death penalty is not a valid option no matter how horrendous the crime.

My 75-year-old father was murdered in his own home. The perpetrator, just released from jail, knocked on my father’s door, knocked him down with a beer bottle. While my father was dazed, the perp went into the kitchen, got a knife and stabbed him. While my father was bleeding to death, this “gentleman” ransacked the house, took a few bucks, stole the car and left.

Being the idiot that he was, the perp was caught while high on methamphetamine, wrecked the car and was arrested. Long story short, he confessed. Before the trial the deputy district attorney (now a judge) said that they could get the death penalty, but the cost to the city would be great and he could get a life-without-parole sentence. My family agreed, and the guy was sent to prison for life.

Guess what? Now the government is releasing lifers on parole! How does this make me feel? Let those who have experienced what I have tell me the death penalty is not humane! No mercy for killers!

George Whitman