Letters to the Editor

Turkey is opportunistic

Daniel Cabrera (letter April 15) should consider acquiring a bit of knowledge before commenting on things about which he knows nothing.

Turkey temporarily closed its southern border during the second Gulf War to U.S. military forces. Turkey is hardly an ally, but rather a fair-weather, opportunistic, alliance member that likes to suck up to countries that have proven themselves to be mature democracies; an innocence-by-association tack.

To suggest that the U.S. military, the most advanced, capable, powerful, mobile and omnipresent military in the history of the world, enjoys this spot through the grace of Turkey and a couple airbases (one of which is on Armenian property confiscated after the genocide) is pure fantasy.

Cabrera’s safe-or-sorry argument fails to consider the medium and long term: Playing safe and coddling Turkey and its denialist/revisionist regimes have done nothing over the past century except to embolden Hitler, Pol Pot and Milosevic. Now it has now come full circle to al-Qaida and ISIS.

Oddly enough, Mount Sinjar, to where ISIS exiled the Yezidis last summer, is only about 100 miles from Der Zor, where Turkey exiled the Armenians during the genocide. Who’s sorry now?

Nelsene DeRanian