Letters to the Editor

Truth about going tankless

Re: Cheryl Ashida’s letter “Go tankless, save water” (April 12): I think Ms. Ashida has the “go tankless” a bit backwards.

The tankless water heater issue is not about saving water, as it is a trade-off with saving energy.

With the tankless system, the pilot light only comes on when hot water is requested. A traditional hot-water system runs the pilot 24/7.

I have been using a tankless system for six years, and I waste about 2,5 gallons getting hot water to every faucet in the back of the house while I waste about three quarts per faucet in the front of the house.

Beginning this spring, my wife and I began collecting the cold water in a 5-gallon bucket and gallon pitcher for garden use, and we try to take our showers one right after each other so we are not wasting the 2.5 gallons.

We have also purchased a 58-gallon rain barrel for the saved water and will use the barrel water during the summer to keep the plants and lawn going on the reduced-water allocations.

John Munro