Letters to the Editor

Make casino smoke-free

Imagine returning from work having smoked three packs of cigarettes. Technically, this is equivalent to a full day’s work inhaling the smoke of those who are smoking.

Imagine returning from work with the odor of cigarette smoke on your clothes, hair, skin, and coming home to your children who now potentially inhale the residual nicotine from your clothes.

This is what’s happening to every employee at Table Mountain Casino. Not only is it affecting employees, but patrons who simply enjoy the live entertainment, food galore and gambling festivities.

I recently visited Table Mountain to gamble and eat. I had a great time as the food was delicious and the gambling was enjoyable, However, as soon as I got into my car, I realized the aroma of cigarettes had followed me back.

Even with the great experience, I can’t imagine going back to a room filled with toxic smoke. For the sake of all employees and patrons, I urge Table Mountain to go smoke-free!

Judy Xiong