Letters to the Editor

Get second opinion on repairs

I recently called a heating-repair company to look at a malfunctioning furnace. Their technician diagnosed a problem with the ignition system and a ducting issue that, he said, could not be repaired. The solution: a $4,000 new system. They charged $100 for the visit.

I called another company for a second opinion. Their technician repaired the ducting in 10 minutes and replaced the thermostat. The system now works fine at a cost of about $200.

I contacted company A to request a refund of the $100 in the light of the, shall we say, misdiagnosis. Since I had enclosed the invoice showing the successfully completed work, I refused their insistence on sending out someone to inspect it. They then wouldn’t refund my money.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau with my situation. They amicably filed a complaint. When the company disclaimed wrong-doing, BBB said they could do nothing more, and the case was closed.

I asked them why we bothered to go through the process, but did not get an answer. They do, though, keep the case on file for three years. So if you want to know a heating company to avoid, ask them about case No. 89059135.

Richard Stone