Letters to the Editor

City Council: Follow the plan

The Fresno City Council says it has all the money it needs to help our city grow in a healthy and responsible way.

During a recent debate, the council, led by Steve Brandau, turned down an opportunity to apply for a $100,000 grant to develop a farmland-preservation program. The program would have required developers to protect parcels of farmland in exchange for building on other farm land.

This is troublesome. Let’s hope it’s not a trend when it comes to implementing the General Plan.

Preserving farmland is an important part of the recently approved General Plan. If the council members turn their backs on this opportunity, what else will they target? Will they walk away from their commitment to creating a parks master plan that would focus on creating healthier parks in neighborhoods with the most need?

The General Plan also makes a promise, through a community program, to work with residents to keep toxic industries out of neighborhoods and away from families. Will this be ignored, too?

We should all want one healthy Fresno. We should all demand our leaders keep their word and follow their votes.

Leticia Corona