Letters to the Editor

Der Manouel’s pumps are bunk

Your editorial, “Southern California shows how to save water,” (April 12) highlighted what Valley and state government agencies still need to do to motivate people to use less water: Use carrots as well as sticks.

So far, I’m seeing talk of reprimands, fines and cut-offs but nothing about tax write-offs or utility rebates to encourage people to expensively replace landscaping, irrigation methods and appliances.

As for Michael Der Manouel Sr.’s letter (April 12) touting a 1999 plan, reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, for a pumpless pipeline from the Gulf of Alaska to bring fresh water to Las Vegas, only to be thwarted by tax-greedy governments: The scientific and engineering errors in that idea are astounding.

Debunking it would be a great integrated project for middle and high school science classes.

Before Mr. Der Manouel’s statements get any more traction, I did a thorough search of the San Francisco Chronicle’s archives as well as a general Google search. There is nothing at all about that plan reported at any time or anywhere.

Susan Weikel Morrison