Letters to the Editor

Krugman’s leftist leanings

Paul Krugman’s opinion piece (April 13) touting Social Security as an example of government success clearly shows what the problem is with big government. If Social Security is the example of governmental excellence, we are in severe trouble. The Social Security “trust fund” has been raided so many times that it has left this country with an enormous unfunded liability. Krugman dismisses people who are responsible and save for their retirements, as we should, and are rewarded when the day comes to retire. I was informed by Social Security that I would lose $300 per month from my benefit because I have a pension. I earned my money, but Congress feels it right to penalize those who have also earned a pension.

Krugman shows his disdain for those who disagree with his leftist leanings as he referred to our counterpoints as right-wing propaganda. The sad part of his thinking is his core belief that big government can handle your life and your affairs better than you can. Conservatives have more faith in your abilities to handle your economic needs than any bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. Government is the problem, not the solution.

Bill Atwood

Bass Lake