Letters to the Editor

Women ‘more than decoration’

Thank you, Sherill Calhoun (letter April 5), for calling it like it is and giving the Dalai Lama credit for recognizing that same truth.

For millennia, the patriarchy’s assignment of women to what has been determined a secondary role in society, defining us as breeders expected to perform obeisance to men, has prevented half of the human talent and the female perspective from being applied to civilization’s progress.

Making a home and having babies is necessary, valuable work. Women can do that and much more.

There is no reason that a man can’t run a home, and a woman can’t build bridges over the Amazon.

The feminist attorney Flo Kennedy said, “All jobs other than wet nurse and sperm donor should be open to everyone.”

I have produced babies; I have been a homemaker; I have done other interesting things. I will not ask for permission to follow my dreams but will assert my human right to do so.

In an egalitarian partnership with men, the women of the world are intelligent and capable of ushering in great changes, standing on the shoulders of the courageous ones who preceded us. We are more than decoration; we are participants.

Harriette Wagner