Letters to the Editor

My hero is Ashley Siipola, Lincoln Elementary teacher

How many heroes do you personally know?

I can now say, without pause or reservation, that I know one. My hero stands no more than 5-feet 5-inches tall, carries a patient, gentle disposition and has not, to the best of my spotty recollection, uttered anything that could be construed as hurtful, spiteful, or arrogant.

Now, all of those aforementioned qualities are nice, but they do not make a hero. So why is this woman my hero? Simply put: she demonstrates, through her actions, the essence of selflessness. She demonstrates, through her actions, compassion in its most pure and definable state. She demonstrates, through her actions, all the qualities every human quietly wishes they possessed, yet knows they so glaringly lack.

She is humble, because she is honest and knows that her actions will scream the message while words are nothing more than a worthless whisper. I felt compelled to write this because I want to be like her, and hope she knows how important she is to so many people. Anyone who knows her would admit the same.

So who is my hero? My hero is a teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. My hero is Ashley Siipola.

Ryan Paul Stiner