Letters to the Editor

Hockey team we could’ve had

The San Jose Sharks of the National Hockey League come knocking for a city to be the new home of the Triple-A affiliate.

What does our city do? Nothing. You leave it up to SMG to negotiate a deal at Selland Arena. You talk about the Grizzlies looking for a deep-pocket buyer in your article on April 8, but yet you turn away the biggest fish in the NHL.

San Jose is sponsored by every tech company in the Bay Area, and they invest in the city and the community. You talk about turning downtown around and yet 30-plus games at old Selland Arena doesn’t even pique your interest?

Smaller cities like Bakersfield, Stockton and Ontario all get teams. The Monsters left downtown because of the manager of SMG.

Time to get your head on straight, City Hall. What about parking, concessions and business for downtown? If I was a business owner downtown, I would be furious with this city.

You talk about more things downtown, but yet you have one of the most successful and richest franchises in the NHL come to town, and you scare them away instead of working out a deal!

Jay Johnson