Letters to the Editor

No deal with Iran; no respect for the president

President Obama wants to make a deal with Iran!

It doesn’t seem to matter that just a week or two prior to this tentative deal, Mohammad Javad Zarif was leading the Iranians in a “death to America” chant and another bigwig was saying “the destruction of Israel was not negotiable.”

President Obama says requiring Iran to recognize Israel as part of the deal would be a “fundamental misjudgment.” Israel is one of our most loyal allies and President Obama has done nothing but turn his hypocritical back on them.

All of his military experts tell him this is a bad deal. Democrats and Republicans tell him this is a bad deal. Ambassadors tell him this is a bad deal. Yet this person, who over the last six years has made nothing but bad judgments and cowardly decisions, actually thinks he knows best.

A number of opinion letters have criticized people for not showing President Obama respect, after all, they state, he was elected twice.

Remember the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me!” This man has not earned any respect, anymore than he had earned the Nobel Prize!

Donna Ledferd