Letters to the Editor

Madden Library excels in service

In Donald Munro’s commentary (April 5) on the Fresno State Madden Library’s ranking as the 25th most “amazing” academic library in the country, he rightly points out the building is beautiful and striking in every detail.

What he misses, however, dodgy as College Rank may or may not be, is that what makes our library amazing isn’t just that we serve 1.5 million users a year (by gate count), nor that we have arguably the best print collection in the California State University system and are a net lender to the likes of the Universities of California, but the fact we provide our students such amazing service day in and day out.

That’s what we’re truly proud of, that we’re in the business of transforming young lives, providing a dynamic space where learning truly occurs. That’s what is amazing and why we will proudly take this ranking without quibble.

My brother went to Harvard; I went to Columbia to a graduate program. We can both attest that these top-ranked libraries had many more books, with annual budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, but the library service at both these Ivies was sadly terrible, which is why the Madden Library in every quarter is, and remains, amazing.

Peter McDonald

Dean of Library Services