Letters to the Editor

Changes pay dividends

In early 2014, I wrote a letter to the editor describing my efforts to reduce my water usage by changing my watering system to eliminate runoff and replacing my lawns with drought-tolerant landscaping.

While I wasn’t expecting a shiny medal or framed certificate, I was hoping for at least one response describing their inspiration to do the same. One response in particular stands out. That person dismissed my efforts as misguided, puny and futile. He even included a sophomoric reference to a bodily function in referring to me as a short-sighted, uninformed liberal.

More than a year later, my puny efforts are showing results, including a 14% reduction in water usage. My target is 20% or more. My greatest savings is reflected in my PG&E bill thanks to the solar panels that I had installed.

In the meantime, I’m seeing businesses starting up and jobs being created. I wonder, one year later, what my cynical, climate-change denying critic would say to all of this. Does he still believe that all this talk of climate change and devastating weather events are all part of a liberal hoax designed to destroy our way of life? I bet he still does.

Manuel Enriquez