Letters to the Editor

Politically correct sins

Suppose a Christian party planner is asked to plan a celebration of divorce, but her religious beliefs convince her that this is wrong.

Should the state or federal government force her to plan the event anyway? Aren’t there other providers who will do it? How about a Muslim banquet hall owner being asked to host a nudist convention? Should government fine or jail him for refusing?

What about a Jewish clothier being asked to provide swastika T-shirts for a TV comedy? Do you want to crush her First Amendment rights under a government fist?

Why is it that a Christian florist who has provided flowers to a gay couple for years is then fined when she refuses to provide arrangements for their gay wedding?

Can these business owners not work by their Biblical belief that marriage is between one man and one woman?

Surely there are others who would be happy for the business. Are religious people to be protected only when government hasn’t declared something to be a politically incorrect sin?

Roger Minassian