Letters to the Editor

Voting should never be fun

Voting is a right and a civic responsibility, not fun and games. As such, it should be satisfying, not fun. Voting citizens should be informed on whoever and whatever they are voting. If voters are not informed, then they shouldn’t be voting.

Getting responsible informed citizens to vote is desirable. To do this, we need to depart from our current culture of irresponsibility and me-first attitude. Let’s bring back patriotism and pride in our country, find worthwhile candidates who put the good of our nation before personal gain, and get involved in our governing process.

You mentioned high school civics classes, great, but keep those classes concentrated on civics only. The true history of our nation should be taught with emphasis on how good and glorious our nation once was. We do have blemishes, but our Founding Fathers and our earlier generations produced a nation that brought hope to freedom craving people of the world, unlike what we have become today.

Ignorance and irresponsibility lead to apathy and loss of freedom, so we must be aware and vigilant. Personal responsibility, civic pride, knowledge and involvement must be emphasized in our lives, schools, media and leadership. An engaged, informed and responsible electorate will solve the voting problem.

Dave Johnston