Letters to the Editor

Choose between transportation or water — not both

Gov. Brown wants all of us to cut back.

It’s called “Stage 3.” and sounds like a science-fiction movie. It involves our lawns, shower duration and toilet flushing. We all might be driving dirty cars, too.

Local leaders had another press conference in Selma to offer up more of the same pleas. Gov. Brown did not win Fresno County in the November election; he did, however, win another term rather easily.

I honestly believe his inattentive attitude toward us has everything to do with his unpopular existence in the Valley. He did come here to break ground on the high-speed rail project. Who believes that’s a good thing? Chinatown is being ripped to shreds and that’s just the beginning. The completion date is two decades away.

Shouldn’t we be desalinating ocean water and finding a way to distribute it? Am I crazy? Desperate times call for signature gathering to stop high-speed rail and start desalinization.

Joseph R. Riofrio