Letters to the Editor

Change fire procedures

Having witnessed the horrific fire that almost took Fresno Fire Department Capt. Pete Dern’s life last weekend, it generated the same feelings that we all realize when seeing the airplane incident in France. Changes must be made to avoid repeating such happenings.

With regard to fires such as the one here in Fresno, where there is need to use a person to ventilate a building, it would seem that arrangements could be made available. Using the fire truck’s ladder to suspend a person who must approach this hazardous type of situation would possibly prevent someone falling either into flames or many feet onto a concrete floor.

There are many types of falls from roofs, but when it is over an inferno, there should be no question about choice when it comes to endangering a fireman to save a building as this appeared to be.

Changes made to protect those in such perilous situations could possibility save a life or prevent horrendous burns. Can this be done?

Georgia Vercoe