Letters to the Editor

Consider water pipelines

Some of the recent letters to the editor have been right on with ideas to resolve in part our water-supply dilemma.

It is too bad that our Sacramento Democrats aren’t paying attention. In December 1999, the Las Vegas casino owners presented a $4.5 billion self-funded plan to move 550 million gallons of fresh water run-off a day from the gulf of Alaska by lifting the run-off by centrifugal force into two side-by-side pipelines through Washington and Oregon into Nevada to supply the needs of the Las Vegas metropolitan growth for 20 years.

The water would flow by gravity and could be controlled with a series of gates, all self-funded. This proposal was outlined in the San Francisco Chronicle in December 1999. It died because legislators wanted to tax the gallonage crossing over their states. Our Sacramento Democrats should look at the possibilities instead of high-speed rail.

Michael Der Manouel Sr.