Letters to the Editor

Common Core problems

In response to Mr. Duncan (letter March 29), I believe Ms. Torosian was pointing out that if we don’t pay attention, history will repeat itself.

I belong to another group trying to educate parents and, frankly, I don’t think this is about Mr. Duncan, Ms. Torosian or myself. It’s about our children and what they are being taught. It’s about who is mandating what they are being taught.

My goal is to educate parents on changes in the curriculum/standards so parents can make their own decisions for their children. These changes in educational standards were not made public until this past year. For two years, problems have popped up all over the country for the children and teachers trying to deal with Common Core and the assessments (tests).

Other states implemented these standards before California, so we are able to learn from their problems and there have been plenty.

Lynn Psaltis

Advocates for Excellence in Education