Letters to the Editor

Simple ideas for leaders

It seems the “leaders” of the Valley communities are waiting to see if the drought will fix itself. There has been little put into place the community can get behind.

Let’s begin with suggestions from a simple person: How about bumper stickers with “Save Water” to be sold for $1 in major stores like Save Mart and Target. Put the money in a water fund that isn’t wasted on an unused baseball stadium or a high-speed rail. The more we see “Save Water” the more we will think about it.

Why don’t the local TV and radio stations end a show with “save water?” Why isn’t there a hot line or a website or something in The Bee where we could submit photos of areas that are wasting water?

On my walks there are houses, businesses, apartments and city/county operations letting water run down the street. People are emptying their pools, for crying out loud!

I know it’s the farmers who use the most water, but they have been cut and cut. It’s our turn. I know my ideas are simple, but at least I have ideas. Where is the leadership?

Leslie Cunning