Letters to the Editor

Do the water math

Gov. Brown, let’s stop guilting homeowners into water conservation. Killing our “little lawns” will not come close to resolving a perpetual political water crisis.

Our lawns, trees, shrubs and homes, for most of us, make up our largest investment. We don’t get a business investment tax credit, we don’t get write-offs for our losses; we just pay more and use less.

Urban water use amounts to less than 10% of total water use, while agriculture and the environment make up more than 90%.

Do the math. Killing our lawns and shrubs cannot solve this crisis. Politicians should stop playing regional water games and invest in long-term solutions. Spending billions on enforcement and short-term help just “kicks the can down the road again.”

Real fixes need to be on the table. Not our lawns!

Paul E. Bissonnette