Letters to the Editor

‘Self-serving farmers’

As one whose relatives owned farms and worked the fields myself, I can easily sympathize with farmer Brad Gleason’s displeasure at his new public image of that of a water abuser (commentary, March 27).

To sell me the notion that I should be happy with his choice of cultivating high-dollar value, water-intensive crops, while we are asked to pay higher rates, and to use even less than the 20% we have already conserved, while farmers are asked to do nothing, is too much.

We do agree about the failure in our government to limit population/housing growth in these times. And he told us exactly how much water his fellow farmers are wasting for their water-intensive crops, while never denying his one-gallon-per-nut number. All I heard him do was whine that he should be left to do whatever he wants to the detriment of the rest of us — those of us without strong agriculture lobbyists.

It is therefore difficult for me to figure out how not to “demonize” these self-serving farmers, along with the developers and our elected representatives, who wouldn’t know how to solve this major problem if our lives depended on it.

Mike D. McNally