Letters to the Editor

Enforce 3-foot law

In regard to Jim Guy’s article March 26, “CHP urges no charges in truck-bicycle collision, I have a couple of questions. Who is the California Highway Patrol “urging?” Don’t the officers have the discretion to issue citations or not?

Another question is how can a driver “take his eyes off the road, and drift to the right” and strike a bicyclist from behind causing major injuries and not receive a citation?

The “three-foot law” requires that drivers passing bicyclists, keep three feet away. Drivers who collide with cyclists and injure them are subject to a $220 fine. Isn’t this a violation of the three-foot law?

I have always understood that if you it a vehicle from behind, it is your fault, you’ll be cited and liable for damages. How then, can this happen to a bicyclist and the driver responsible is not even cited?

As a cyclist, I find the failure to cite the driver sends the message that careless driving that injures cyclists is no big deal in Kings County. We all know that what happened to John Draxler could happen to any of us, and that the driver didn’t even get cited seems like insult added to injury.

Jim Shoemaker