Letters to the Editor

Limit the money; limit the disparaging campaign statements

Voting: what an interesting topic if ever I read one. Yes, the voting public stays away from the polls in many cities and, to some extent, they don’t care to vote by mail ballot either.

I, for one, see a very caustic battle that is by most all candidates to “win at all costs.”

Perhaps a closer look at the candidates and their voting staffs should be a starting place. It seems to me that it isn’t very important to some candidates how far they will go to disparage their opponents.

The scenario is most often the same. Candidate A does a spot on TV telling the voters what he has done and what he can do. His/her opponent begins a smear campaign.

So who wants to be a part of that nonsense? The voter says ‘What’s the point?’, so they don’t vote at all.

The vote-by-mail people think it really doesn’t matter because they don’t count our votes until the vote’s mostly over. It’s all about apathy.

Limit the money; limit the disparaging statements. Voting can’t ever be fun when there are antagonists in the midst of the fray.

Peter Nagel