Letters to the Editor

Take four full days to vote and celebrate our right

We celebrate the Declaration Of Independence with great fanfare. We also celebrate Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Presidents Day, Day, New Years and Christmas. None of these holidays really demand anything of us, they are mostly just days off of the usual routine.

How can we make voting “fun?” We should declare a legal four-day holiday beginning on the Saturday before the the second Tuesday of November (traditional Election Day), and ending on that Tuesday, in the same spirit we celebrate the Fourth of July. Have a full four days of celebration to recognize and encourage the most important civil act a citizen in a representative democracy can make.

Keep the polls open all four days. Have public celebratory events, concerts, picnics and feasts, the only admission price being evidence of voting. Children under 18 could participate if accompanied by a voting guardian or sponsor.

Voting, learning about issues and communicating with elected representatives is a serious endeavor, it is one of the responsibilities for living in a self-governing society rather than in a dictatorship or the oligarchy we are drifting into. But we can still embrace that right of self governance with joy.

Ray West