Letters to the Editor

Another planning fiasco

For 10 years, Fresno County supervisors have violated state law by failing to file the required Annual Progress Report (APR) detailing progress made toward implementing the county’s 2000 General Plan. On March 24, supervisors approved an extremely inadequate 2014 APR. What were they thinking?

Two examples: The county’s 2014 APR failed to review the county’s agricultural land preservation programs and assess their effectiveness. Thus, the public doesn’t know if the supervisors are fulfilling their obligation to preserve agricultural land and production.

The 2000 General Plan stated, “The county shall develop, implement, and maintain a groundwater monitoring program. Information from this program shall be provided to the Board of Supervisors during the annual General Plan review.” To date there is no groundwater monitoring plan and no mention of this in the 2014 APR. Why?

The 2014 APR contains wording for a future General Plan revision. Without data and measurements by which one can assess the effectiveness of past policies, how can one decide whether to change direction in the next General Plan? It’s clear our county supervisors fail to understand the adage: Those who fail to understand the past are destined to repeat it.

Robert Merrill