Letters to the Editor

Fix Shinzen’s water pumps

My friend, who is a volunteer at Shinzen Friendship Garden inside Woodward Park, invited me to see the gorgeous azaleas, Japanese maples and many others that are blooming at this time.

It was a beautiful morning. As we strolled along the paths, she would go over and fill her quart containers from the stream to water specific plants. I inquired why she was doing this. “The city is responsible for the water pumps, we don’t know when they will fix them!” she said.

The volunteers had planted new trees and plants and did not want them to die. The water, however, had been off several days. The pumps need to be repaired to save Shinzen!

There also has been vandalism at Shinzen, and the public’s support is needed to alleviate that situation.

Take your family out and see the lovely serene atmosphere! Weddings and parties are welcomed. Shinzen is truly a diamond in the rough!

Patricia Wilson