Letters to the Editor

Take care of Woodward Park

The city of Fresno should be ashamed and so should the workers at Woodward Park.

That gem of a park is being neglected and left to burn by disinterested city bureaucrats and employees who are more interested in their own self-interest than getting the water pumps in that park fixed so the fire and damage threats are corrected.

Hoses should have been brought in weeks ago to hand water those 50-plus year-old-trees and plants that are now at a permanent wilting stage.

How can they expect thousands of out-of-town visitors, who bring hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to this city, to continue to come to a park that has dead trees, brown plants and a beautiful Japanese garden (the Shinzen Friendship Garden) that has been left to die from lack of water?

It’s about time that this city’s union workers start putting in an extra effort to help this city. That park belongs to everyone in the Valley, and the condition of that park reflects very badly on the workers and their union reps.

The Shinzen Friendship Garden is irreplaceable and worth millions of dollars. Get those pumps fixed now!

Edie Kassabian