Letters to the Editor

‘Stadium builders’ not valued

Wonder where the Red Wave went? It was “taken out” by the lacrosse field, former President John Welty and the new Bulldog Foundation.

The community enthusiastically supported the football program and helped build the new stadium. We supported all Fresno State teams. Men’s soccer, water polo and wrestling all had, and still have, huge San Joaquin Valley school participation but were eventually eliminated from Fresno State.

The wrestling team had a member who won a silver medal at the Olympics and Welty eliminated the wrestling program? There was no other place for the lacrosse field? Really?

Then came the final blow two weeks before Christmas. A call from a rude but honest Bulldog Foundation representative: All foundation members had to donate extra money to keep season seats at the stadium and further, the white and red parking lot spots were allotted to the highest donors only.

It was apparent that while we were once called “stadium builders” our 20-plus years of support were no longer needed nor valued.

Jan Butler