Letters to the Editor

Parlier city manager salary

According to a story in The Parlier Post on March 24, the Parlier City Council named Israel Lara the new city manager and approved a two-year contract with an annual salary of $150,000. When talking about how he plans to address constituent concerns, he was quoted, “Don’t just come to me with a concern. Come with a solution, and if you’re passionate, you’re now in charge of that solution.”

Sounds like a win-win for Lara. He gets to earn $150,000 a year managing a city of 15,000 residents and the residents must come up with solutions to their concerns.

While this type of exorbitant compensation may not quite reach the levels of the former city “leaders” of Bell, California, it does raise a red flag in my eyes. A majority of towns the size of Parlier do not even have a city manager, let alone one making that much money.

Finally, am I wrong to think this former pizza-place manager would not have taken the job for, say, a measly $100,000 per year?

Efren Diaz