Letters to the Editor

Pipeline should transport water

If we can build a pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico to carry the dirtiest oil known to man, then we can build a pipeline from Oregon or Washington or somewhere up north, where there is plenty of water, and help out with our crippling drought.

The number of jobs created may be disputed, but I’m sure that building a water pipeline (or canal) should be able to create the same amount, whatever that may be. We don’t need a pipeline that is going to be used to transport tar sand oil to the gulf so that it can be sent overseas, with the inevitable ruptures and ocean spills. We have already witnessed how catastrophic those events can be.

Moving water to California, and particularly to our Valley, has no down side. The worst hazard from a water spill would be the replenishing of our groundwater basins.

The only ones who benefit from an oil pipeline are oil companies and men like the Koch brothers, who own most of the tar sand oil leases in Canada, and, of course, the Congressmen who receive lobbying money from these entities. This is not in the public’s interest. Water is in everybody’s interest.

William Rovin