Letters to the Editor

Teach students to spot baloney

I just opened a 13-inch high bag of chips with 9 inches of that empty space. The company’s reply that is “it is sold by weight.” The shopper bought a visual lie.

We are bombarded by people who’d like to mislead us, a little or a lot.

If you drink Pepsi, will you really find yourself in an attractive group of young people on a beach?

Did the salesman who sold you that used car tell you it was a salvage job? I

Is there any religion that gives the devil equal time?

Just because it was on Fox News, does that make it true?

Does a kid believe someone at a party who says, “Just trying this drug won’t get you addicted?”

Do you believe anything your government, “the sponsor,” parents or a letter to the editor tells you?

As a professional teacher, I have come to the conclusion that a class in lie detecting should be in the basic curriculum. It is essential, but ignored in schools. “Truth is God” said Gandhi. Let’s help our young people get better tools to find it.

I’ve used algebra once in 82 years. I need to detect baloney every day!

Harold Warner