Letters to the Editor

Rudd apologizes for calling question ‘inappropriate’

During the press conference Friday on the arrest of Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster, I stated that I thought a Bee reporter’s question was “inappropriate.” In hindsight, I should have phrased my response differently. The press has every right to question the government and its actions.

The mayor, Chief Jerry Dyer and I held the press conference to give local media full access and answer every possible question involving Foster’s arrest. We also wanted to share our conversations with the FBI agents involved in the investigation who assured us that no other Fresno police officer was involved and that there was no way anyone could have known about Deputy Chief Foster’s involvement.

A question was asked, in light of this arrest and lawsuits involving two other deputy chiefs, if there needed to be a wholesale change in leadership in the Fresno Police Department. I took offense to that challenge and responded emotionally; for that I apologize. While I might not agree with the premise of the question, it was never my intent to challenge the rights of our press to do their job.

The city of Fresno prides itself on accountability and transparency, and we welcome public scrutiny.

Bruce Rudd

Fresno City Manager