Letters to the Editor

Why bring salmon from hatchery?

The drought in California is affecting the entire Valley.

Today, the snow pack in the Sierra is 20% of normal, and that does not look good for the salmon runs to get re-established.

The salmon run went extinct in 1948, only four years after Friant Dam was built. I know the Valley needed the dam to store water for the growing population and the increased demand on agriculture, but it killed the Chinook salmon.

People need fish, too. Without these fish, we are destroying our ecosystem. I understand this San Joaquin River Restoration Project is needed, and the salmon runs must be brought back, but the drought is not helping and without rain to fill this river it does not seem possible.

How are the salmon supposed to come back up to the Friant Dam to spawn, if they are unable to swim up the river because it is dry?

Why are we bringing salmon from a hatchery to be put at the base of Friant Dam and then taken again to the Merced River because the river is dry in parts in order for them to get into the ocean?

Why are we doing all of this without talking about the drought and its effect on the re-establishment of this salmon run?

The lack of rain and snowpack needs to be evaluated in order for this project to be in the best interest of the ecosystem we live in.

Lance Vannata