Letters to the Editor

Hear the weeds grow

The city of Fresno needs revenue. Fresno residents need jobs. Blackstone Avenue is blighted and needs help. According to The Bee, a Blackstone/Clinton corner contains boarded-up buildings and weeds.

Someone proposes to erect new buildings on that corner for a Smart & Final, shops and a restaurant. Many Fresnans would be employed. The corner would be cleaned up and productive. More tax money would go to the city. Employees would cash their paychecks. The free market would work.

But the project is stalled because the city wants to dictate the placement of two of the buildings next to the street sidewalk — as required by the new general plan. Does this make sense?

It makes sense only if you follow the money: from federal and state agencies to the city. The city accepts millions in “free” money in exchange for advancing the national goals of “sustainability” and “transit-oriented development.” The general plan, affecting all of Fresno, is the result. Have you read it, and do you know what other silly sounding but consequential requirements it contains?

If you sit quietly to read the plan, you might hear weeds growing and city officials snoring.

Betty Van Valkenburg