Letters to the Editor

Are you willing to starve?

Are you willing to lose major businesses, crops and food just so salmon can live in the San Joaquin River?

Are you willing to risk losing fresh food straight from local farms or, even worse, willing to possibly starve just so we can have salmon in the San Joaquin River?

I understand where many of you are coming from by saying “Save the fish,” but I also have the right to live. I love going fishing with my dad in the San Joaquin River. That’s one of our favorite things to do as a family during the summer, but I am willing to forgo Chinook salmon in the river if it means more water in the crops.

The Valley has been going through a drought for many years and it is now 2015 and the drought continues with the Sierra snowpack at only 20% of normal. The Valley has to find a more satisfying water conservation plan and quick. One of the best ways to conserve more water is to build more dams to store more water.

The Valley has been supported by groundwater for quite some time, and we are running out. It has come down to dams being one of our only options. Dams wouldn’t just be getting water for what we need now but also help store water for in the future.

Abigail Rogers