Letters to the Editor

I protest Friant Dam

Imagine the beautiful, flowing San Joaquin and a man with his son, they are fishing. Then you realize that the man is only a dry, dead tree and the San Joaquin is less than half of what it was.

I am writing in protest of Friant Dam and in defense of the San Joaquin River and millions of salmon.

In 1948, Chinook salmon were extinct, and the San Joaquin dry as dirt. Many children my age never got to see the beauty of the river when it was full. I understand that farming is what drives our region, but it would be completely possible to have happy medium in which less than 25% of the water is given back to the river and still supply irrigation water for farmers.

Maybe one day when I am old and wise, I will look back and see the great river the way it used to be. In order for this to happen, people in support of the river need to come together and protest the unfair treatment of one of the staples of the Central Valley, our great river.

Clay Robison