Letters to the Editor

Still planting trees

It seems like every day Fresno gets more bad news about our water supply. We hear an expert say that California has only one year’s supply on hand and our current groundwater usage is unsustainable.

We have people advocating to not water our lawns, not wash our cars or fill in the pool. Neighbors are pitted against neighbors, turning each other in for violating watering rules no matter how minor.

I was cruising the other day near the intersection of Shields and Grantland avenues. I was amazed to see freshly planted trees for as far as the eye could see. I thought, who is controlling the groundwater that we are being told is slowly ebbing away? All you have to do is plant trees, put in a huge pump and start pumping away, with the only control being your PG&E electric bill.

Are farmers reading the same reports that I’m reading? Or they do know and it’s drill, baby, drill and the guy with the deepest well wins. If we don’t get a handle on this soon, I am afraid we will all be in dire straits — farmers included.

Tom Tillery