Letters to the Editor

To help us and fish, conserve water

The San Joaquin Valley is “The food basket of the world,” as many say, but while they are trying to revive a once-thriving species it causes our Valley’s sturdy supports to start crumbling.

Since they are spending water and money on fish, it has taken a toll on our community. We can’t risk wasting our precious water on something that probably won’t even succeed. If you think the lives of fish are more important than the lives of people, you can just go and feed the hungry and pay the farmers for their unsuccessful crop.

For all the time and money we have wasted on the salmon we have made very little progress. When we are trucking all these young salmon downstream, has anyone ever though how many of these make it? If they had low chances of making it before the dam, then how bad are the chances now? So some people should wake up and realize it’s too late!

If you want to help the fish, focus on conserving water, and then it will help us and the fish.

Kaelyn Carver