Letters to the Editor

Memories of different times

Instead of something political or argumentative, let’s do some remembering.

Log Cabin syrup came in a can shaped like a log cabin, fruits and vegetables were in a #2 can instead of a 303, everything was in glass bottles and jars instead of plastic, and the largest carton of milk was a half gallon.

How about baby food in a can, Cheerios were Cheerioats, and Nabisco shredded wheat had a picture of Niagara Falls?

Or when the frozen-food case was 6-feet by 3-feet with mostly ice cream in it?

And when we didn’t have detergents, only soaps like White King, Rinso and Duz?

In those days, dish soap was Ivory Flakes and Ivory Snow. You washed clothes on a winger machine and hung clothes, including diapers, on a line. The leading bath soap was Life Buoy (it stopped B. O.), gas pumps had a 10 gallon bowl at the top and the gas, which was 19 cents or 20 cents a gallon, fed into your tank by gravity.

Oh yes, a Coca Cola bottle was only 6 ounces; Pepsi and RC Cola were 12 ounces and sold for 5 cents plus a 2 cent deposit for the bottle.

Virlin Perry