Letters to the Editor

Need a real Common Core discussion

As a parent, I was interested in reading about Common Core and read Ms. Torosian’s opinion piece (March 26) only to find no educated discussion, just “talking points” in opposition to Common Core.

Ms. Torosian is obviously not a student of William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” but claims to have discovered page 249 thereof, written 55 years ago, now relevant to Common Core! Wow! She has read “Rise and Fall”? Why? Then she claims that the 10th Amendment forbids the federal government being involved in education. Double wow! Has she not read the Preamble: The constitution is established in order to “promote the general welfare.” This would include improving education perhaps?

Can we not, as an educated society, discuss matters on their merits rather then pretend to be serious yet simply parroting talking points of others, proclaiming it Nazism and unconstitutional, and equating the Gates Foundation to some evil plot. To make these inane claims paints the parents’ organization on behalf of which Ms. Torosian “writes” as possibly an uneducated and ill-informed group that couldn’t pass these tests. Talk about a need for better education.

Roger Duncan