Letters to the Editor

Get creative: How can the Valley make voting fun?

Our voting record stinks. And pathetically, we are not alone. You’d think ballots carried measles. Local thought leaders, the state Legislature and even President Obama all have ideas about how to improve the nation’s voting habits. Mandatory voting registration, automatic voting registration, mandatory civics classes in high schools all are being proposed. Those ideas, we hope, will work. But we have our doubts.

Plenty of experiments show, however, that people are more likely to do what’s good for them if it’s fun. So, let’s make voting fun already. Where better to do that first than California, land of Hollywood, Disneyland and Silicon Valley. We might not have invented fun, like we didn’t invent acting, but we have sure perfected it. Why not do the same for voting and running for office? We just need some good ideas. So sit down with some friends over dinner or a bottle of Valley wine, and see what you can come up with. Recreation majors, game theory experts, event planners, chefs, comedians. What’s your big idea to make voting — and running for office, while you’re at it — a blast?

Send your ideas, in 200 words or fewer, to letters@fresnobee.com. We’ll forward the best ones to the California secretary of state and the President. Clearly, they don’t know how to organize a good time.