Letters to the Editor

Unfair parking ticket

After reading Clyde N. Hood’s letter “Unfair ticket and fine,” (March 17) I want to share our episode dealing with an unfair ticket.

Unable to have a minor surgery at the Kaiser Permanente Fresno, I was to report to Kaiser Sacramento for the procedure. Arriving at 6:30 a.m., we parked in a handicap area. We have proper tags.

Upon completion of out-patient surgery, my husband met me with this horrible ticket attached to the windshield. It was from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office to the tune of $407, stating our wheels were not completely in the parking zone. The back wheel was on the line for parking.

After pleading and writing several letters, we were told to pay the ticket within 22 days, and we would hear about our case in four to six weeks. We never heard one single word, not even a thank you.

Lori and Don Franck