Letters to the Editor

Logs already available

Once again a Democrat legislator, this time Fran Pavley, and The Bee’s Editorial Board have bought into a special interest group hoax.

The Bee’s March 26 editorial, “Access to water-drilling logs is vital during the drought” falsely asserts that “academics and consultants could use the information to draw aquifer maps, identify the best places to store water underground, and avoid drilling into plumes of polluted water…,” as if that information isn’t already available and/or the work hasn’t already been done.

California Water Code Section 13752 states that (private) well logs “…shall be made available to governmental agencies for use in making studies, or to any person who obtains a written authorization from the owner of the well.”

I’ve obtained such well logs as both a government agency engineer and as a consultant.

Separately, numerous government agencies like the U.S. Geological Survey, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Department of Water Resources and the Natural Resources Conservation Service and others have drilled, logged, tested, analyzed, mapped and publicly reported on Central Valley aquifers to depths of thousands of feet for nearly 75 years. I know, I’ve referred to those well logs, reports and data innumerable times.

Lance W. Johnson

Shaver Lake