Letters to the Editor

Business travel is rare

Warren Kessler thinks Californians “have no idea what they are missing” with the absence of high-speed rail (Valley Voices March 21). Maybe so, but we do know we are missing gasoline prices that are lower by 50 cents to a dollar in the other 49 states just so Jerry Brown can gild his legacy.

With modern telecommunication being what it is, business travel from city to city is rarely necessary. Tourists are good for one or two train rides a year, maybe. Result: empty seats and taxpayer funding; see Amtrak.

Mr. Kessler’s prediction times for travel from Fresno to Los Angeles or San Francisco are questionable because he doesn’t take into account the number of stops at cities in between. Taxpayers in Bakersfield, Delano, Tulare, etc. will want the same convenience afforded to Fresno travelers.

The issues Mr. Kessler doesn’t address — costs of land acquisition, construction and maintenance, abuse of eminent domain, usefulness to the citizenry —are among the pesky details progressives always ignore when launching their utopian fantasies.

HSR is nothing more than a taxpayer-funded monument to Jerry Brown’s ego.

Michael Freeman